Error messages: Could not obtain topic watch information

Do you sometimes get error messages when you want post replies or access threads? This is what I got when I wanted to look at Torstens’ “Idiomatic expressions” thread:

EDIT - both IDs were displayed but erased here.

Hi Ralf

In the past couple of years I’ve seen occasional (but not regular) error messages. However, recently I have noticed that one thread in particular seems to be having the sort of problem you’re mentioning. This thread in particular seems to have been having problems since at least the beginning of July.

By the way, my first two attempts to post this reply resulted in the following error message:
Sorry, but only can reply to posts in this forum.


And just now I could see that lost_soul had supposedly posted a response (here), but I could not see a response from him when I opened the thread!

Very mysterious. (I hope he will confirm that he posted and then deleted…) :shock:

Yeah, I posted and then thought that I’d better not to
(I just wanted to comment on your sentence Sorry, but only can reply to posts in this forum. , I think the subject is missing :wink: )

By the way how did you know that I had posted? Are you receiving e-mail notifications?

Hi Alex

No, I don’t receive e-mail notification.

After I posted my first reply in this thread, I went back to the list showing the most recent posts for all forums. That’s when I saw lost_soul listed as the most recent poster in this thread. However, when I clicked on the thread to open it again, there was nothing from lost_soul posted here. :lol: