Dear teacher,
Please help me. How can I do to understand clearly these words so as to use them properly?
To me, they are the same meaning. Is it right? Please help. Thanks.

“If…develops to your new TV within six months of purchase.”

a. an error
b. a fault
c. a mistake

Hi mlngvt!

In my opinion the correct answer is fault. Fault here means flaw, defect.

Maybe this would help:

Word Synonym error fault, mistake fault flaw, defect, imperfection, vice; slip, error, mistake mistake blunder, error, slip

From this ‘table’ you can see, for example, that error might mean fault, but fault has additional meaning which is not covered by error

Hope this helps!

Thank you Sidle Jink,
It helps much.

Hi Mlngvt,

This is an interesting trio of nouns. They all suggest that something is wrong. Let’s start with error: usually this is something that is away from what is right or correct. In can be used in expressoions like: error of judgment when you make the wrong decison. It can also be used in language where you use the wrong word as in: I am interesting in sport instead of I am interested in sport. We also have a typing error where you press the wrong key.

A fault is when something isn’t working properly as of machines. You have found a fault in the engine of your car/There is a fault on the telephone line. We also see faulty as an adjective when describing a defective machine as in a faulty television.

Finally a mistake is when you do something wrong very often by accident as in: The shopkeeper made a mistake when he gave me my change - he gave me too much money back. She made too many spelling mistakes in her essay and got a bad mark.

Just some thoughts.


Dear teacher,
I thank you for your kind help.
I consider your explanation my helpful lesson about the three interesting nouns.
Your help is always valuable to me.
Many thanks to you.
Best wishes to you and your family. HAPPY NEW YEAR!