Equivalent to 'beg to differ'

Dear, Teachers and Friends.

I see most people using that when they’re in an argument. Since all use it, it has become too boring. Is there anything equivalent to this, ‘beg to differ’?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

There are many different ways to disagree, Justice.

I’m sure you already know how to say equally ‘boring’ things such as “I disagree” and “I don’t agree”. 8)

How “not boring” do you want to get?

Are you looking for something idomatic? Or additional standard phrases? Phrases to use in more formal or more casual situations - or both?

When you say “most people” what do you mean?
Disagreeing at work? In school? With friends?


If you want to be really rough, you can say, “Pardon my French, but you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Note that we say “pardon my French” when we think we will probably offend someone with our opinion or language. It doesn’t mean we’re speaking French.

Thank you, Amy, for taking this into consideration.

I’m looking for an additional standard phrase(s). I would like to know the idomatic phrases too.

I mean members in forums, eg: bbc disscusion board.

Thank you, Jamie.

I like your your phrase and I already used it today :slight_smile: