enquiry regarding studying in the UK

Hi, I live and work in the UK, and I would be interested in someone’s opinion regarding that is it necessary to pass any language exam in order to attend university as a foreigner student? As far as I know there are different type of certificates… I also would be so curious to know what’s the main difference between ESOL and IELTS language exams. Which one would you suggest if I intend to attend university or college.

According to the vast of majority it’s not needed to pass any exam, they just simply test your english, you are oblige to fill in a few tests. At this point I have to mention that, I’ve already passed a language exam that proves I have a good command of the English language, however, it is not recognised in the UK as it’s been passed in my homecountry, (not sure about it).

Furthermore, I’m interested in opened universities as well, but I don’t know would it be worth it to attend an opened uni as much as attending university. That must be a significant information I’m from the EU.

It also would be a pleasure to discuss with foreigner students, so If you have any information about it, don’t hesitate to drop me a line via pv or just reply back to my post, straight here!