english writing : do you agree or disagree parents are the best teachers?

In fact,children’s knowledge can be enriched by books, the internet,friend and teachers.However,it is doubtful that they can understand deeply children’s interests,thinking and behavior as parents can.besides,without family,their enviroments for development are not all-round.Finally, family values originating from the family can be provided for children by parents.because of these reasons, parents are the best teachers. First,most of parents are so close to their children that they are well aware of their thinking, behavior, and hobbies.Moreover, most childern are not mature enough to make any important decisions.Thus, as supporters, advisers, teachers, parents play a very important role in orientating children to suitable solutions, guiding them to their own true values and helping them them draw lessons after their mistakes.
second, the first learning envoroments for children are created by the family.the reason is that parents have been considered to be the first teachers to teach children living values, behavior and knowledge since their birth.Moreover,these things are regarded as the foundation of their success in the future.that’s why,parents are one of the deciding factors in building up children’s thinking and shaping their chracters.
Finally,family values are passed on to children by parents.For instance,the family which is proud of their traditions of study will motivate their children by stories of succesful people.this will be ingrained in children’s thingking and cause firm belief and keen interest in success to children so that they can pursue their dreams anf fulfill their purposes.
All in all. parents really understand their children to guide them to the bright future, provide foverable conditions for children’s development and teach them family values, which show that parent’s role is inexorable.