English Trainer wanted: Neubrandenburg October 5 through October 16

We are looking for English trainers for the following course.

Location: Neubrandenburg
Dates: October 5 through October 16
Times: 8:00 until 4 pm every day, 9 lessons per 45 minutes from Monday through Friday
Purpose: teach basic business English to beginners

The level of the group is between A1 and B1.

For more information, please contact me here on the forum or via email.

Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten

Wow, there seem to be many courses popping up these days. I was hoping to do some 3-6 week courses again in late Nov. or Jan but it may turn out that I would be able to do this one.

Could you tell me the address for this one - I want to research accommodation and transportation. Is the pay similar to Nordhausen?


Hi Richard,

Yes the pay is similar to Nordhausen and the address is Woldegker Straße. Please let me know if you want to do the course.

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Sorry for the late reply - I took a few days off and went to Scotland after my school finished.
I think I would need three weeks to make it worth while and I have some part-time stuff here right now. But if one comes up in late Nov. into Dec I will be totally free.

Actually, the part-time stuff in Oct. is a little fore flexible than I thought so yes, I think I would very much like to do this one. If the contract is firm and it is still open then I’m in.


Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for your commitment. Yes, the contract is firm and you’ll get all the details early next week. Regards from Nordhausen.

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Great and thank you! I’ll book my flights now.

WBS Neubrandenburg 7th September – 11th September.

Hello Torsten, Richard and all other interested parties,

As promised, here is a brief update of my week so far here in Neubrandenburg, firstly I would like to give you a little information about the centre and the group itself.

The WBS centre is located very close to the city centre and a stones throw from the train station, it’s very modern and equipped with all the usual equipment including P.C.’s, photo-copiers and even a projector in the classroom. The management and staff are all very welcoming and helpful and very willing to answer any questions you may have. As for the group it is a mix of men and women and everyday the number that attend varies from about 8 – 13 this is due to illness or family problems. The group are working with the ‘New Headway pre-intermediate book, but as usual I have used many of my own resources along side where I saw necessary.

The group are of mixed abilities ranging from A1 to B1, and when I first arrived they were working on 3 separate tables depending on the levels. Which I immediately changed and created the horse shoe shape from the tables and also mixed them up so higher level student were with lower.

As for the training for this week, we have covered many things some reviewed and some new. Below is what we did:

  • Introductions, introducing another person.
  • Recommending places to visit and things to do in Neubrandenburg.
  • Question Forms
  • Denglish words used everyday in German
  • Use of should, have to and must
  • Problems; reporting and solutions.
  • Telephone expressions
  • Prepositions of location and direction
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Writing formal business letters (created a template)
  • Job hunting:
    Means of finding jobs
    Looked for jobs on www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk
    Highlighted work related vocabulary we learnt.
    Wrote a letter of application
    Began to write a C.V in English.
  • Watched ‘Dragons’ Den and analysed the language.

Grammar covered:
Helping verbs
Reviewed simple present and simple past (regular and irregular verbs) including the different sounds of regular verbs ‘d, ‘t and ‘id.
Present progressive, for present and future use.
Past progressive including with signal words when and while.
Present perfect progressive
Adjectives comp. and super.

On the whole the group have made great progress and have really enjoyed being able to speak lots of English.

This evening I’m going to the Müritz for the weekend.

I will keep you all posted next week, have a good weekend.

Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th.

After a nice relaxing weekend at the lake, I returned to Neubrandenbug to do another week with this group in the WBS centre.

We have had a great start with all members showing enthusiasm and ability to learn new things. On Monday we spent the morning reviewing matters that the group felt needed a bit more work such as present and past continuous, countables as well as introductions. We then looked at reporting problems using the present perfect and offering to help using the simple future ‘will’. I used a handout based on problems that may occur in an office such as “The paper has jammed in the photocopier”, “I will fix it”.
We then covered the 3 main conditionals (1,2 and 3), and did a lot of exercises to instil them.

To finish the day we had a visit from the local Lcci examiner to explain the structure and score system of the impending exam.


I began the day by getting the group to brainstorm and create a mind map about important things we must do,consider and remember when we travel and they created a good list of new useful vocab. such as passport, visa, vaccination, culture, emergency services etc

Next with the aid of a worksheet, I introduced the group to the rule of using for, since and ago.

Due to the visit yesterday from the ‘lcci Lady’, I took the group through the most of a past Lcci exam from 2004. The group did quite well and seemed to understand most things expected from them without to many problems.

I explained to the group how useful the tests on www.english-test.net are during and after the course. They all agreed to register tomorrow so that can take advantage of this.

We finished the day by creating a promotional flyer, which helped highlight information commonly used in marketing and advertising.

Today I began by introducing the group to the different past continuous sentences including using when and while. Next I reviewed conditional 1 and 2 then explained the third.

Tomorrow the group will be doing there test which I have created myself, which is based on 3 parts following a similar structure to the actual LCCi:

Part 1 is a written exam including multiple-choice questions, true or false as well as analysing a letter.

Part 2 I have asked the group to prepare a short 3 minute presentation on anything they like mainly to understand their level of speech (pronunciation) as well as sentence structure.

Part 3 is a listening test.

So for the most part of today I am revising all the things covered so far and the group are preparing their presentation.

Hi Scott

Glad to see things are going well at WBS. You mentioned that the students were already using Headway and grouped into 3 tables. Does this mean it’s an ongoing class? I thought they were two weeks at a time but this makes more sense actually - especially given that the course i’m doing in December is for two weeks and three days. If this is the case, who teaches them when we are not around and will the students you have now be the same ones I will have in October?

Also, if it is an ongoing class, which Headway are they using and how far through it are they? I assume you get a copy and teacher’s book too?

Hi Richard,
Yes things are going well here, and it’s a great group to work with. In answer to your questions, yes it’s an ongoing class, you will be working with this group for their last 2 weeks leading up to their LCCi exam. When we, English-team, are not training them they have a tutor from Berlin. At present the group are using the New Headway pre-intermediate book, but I think when you get here they would have already finished it but yes their is also a teachers book. To be honest I have not worked from the book so much as I have used my a lot of my own resources, which the group have expressed they found very useful and interesting.

As I mentioned in my first thread, the amount of participants varied from day to day, some left some came. Now it has settled to a nice group of 13 who have mixed levels but the majority have a very good understanding of spoken English. They are all highly motivated and eager people with a hunger to learn new skills.

Also as I mentioned there is a P.C. in the room for you (the trainer) which is connected to a projector, speakers and the world wide web.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kindest regards


Hi Scott

Many thanks for all the info. I now have a very good idea of how to prepare for them. I would tend to use the provided book as I see fit and add lots of other material as well. By the time I get there do you think B1 material would be suitable?

What day is their test?

Best regards


Hi to all English team trainers,

Here is some reviews from the members of our Neubrandenburg Business English course:

Hi I´m Stefanie. I learned a lot. The lessons in the 2 weeks were very good, I enjoyed it. An Scott made it very good over here. For me it was very brilliant an sometimes it was funny. I liked to speak with Scott and I don´t like to invent this product. But I enjoyed all of it I lernt a lot of. Bye

Hello my name is Judith. I want to give a little review about the last two weeks. I enjoyed the time with Scott. He trained the grammar, the tense an the vocabulary in his special way. Never I did not learn more than last weeks. I liked the structure, his possibility to train me new facts, his crazy but profesional personality. In the beginning of the cource I want to learn how much I can. Now I can say I have learned how much I can. This two weeks stay with me.
I hope he will come back soon. Bye Judith

Okay, so…
Hi, my name is jenny.
I have to say, or better to write only only good things.
These 2 weeks were a great improvement for my english-skills an a nice encounter with him, i won´t miss. Ofcourse, because u send us scott, he´s a smart british guy. Talking to him for 2 weeks was quite intresting, exciting and at first to say much fun! So as faster as i can think about a review as much i have had learn just by joining the course.

So finally i want to thank torsten for sending scott to our neubrandenburg. best wishes for him, and i am looking forward to meet richard next week.

Moin my Name is Arian

The last two weeks were relaxed learning for me.
I liked Scotts tainings methods.
The actually training was very refreshing, it made alot of fun and the fact that he only has spoken English to us was a new challenge but i was enjoying it.
We have done a lot of practical parts during the lesseons.
I prefer this learning by doing method

I think Scott is an excellent Trainer.

This was my Review of the last two weeks

Bye Arian

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am 22 years old.
I am learning english because it is very important to get a new job!
If I have a review of the last 2 weeks there is nothing I didnt like.
The lessons were very varied. No only grammar grammar grammar!
Scott knows to be grasped by everybody.
He is really a very fantastic trainer.
The last two weeks I have learnd more than before and i really enjoyed it!
We didnt work always in the book!
All the time we were very motivated! It was funny!
We are pleasured to have Scott here!

Thanks! :smiley:

Hello, I am Rima

Today is the last day with our english trainer und entertainer Scott, who stayed two weeks with us.

This two weeks were very interesting, we have learnt a lot of new words, al lot of grammar, a lot of british cultur, and all was in a simple attraktive method.

Everyone in our group has improved.
Scott is a genial, he is born to be a teacher, the days with him run very fast an I hope we can have him very soon again.

we are proud to have him here in neubrandenburg.

So today was my last day here in NeuBrandenburg, we have spent the day mainly chatting (small talk), in English about anything that comes up. We also an English movie which we then reviewed. The group also wrote a piece which we titled ‘the last 2 weeks’, which you can see above. I have had a great 2 weeks here, the group and the staff are all very friendly and accomodating. The feed-back from the group is really nice and they presented me with a trophy today on which is engraved ‘Best Teacher’ which is very humbling.

So today I will return to sunny Leipzig.

Have a great weekend

Hi Richard,

Here is an update on the current Neubrandenburg course which you are going to take over next week: The group was split into two (beginners and more advanced) with Stephanie Burnett of English-Team currently teaching the latter. WBS have found a great appartment for her for 15 € per night and you might want to use that one too. (Maybe next time).

Next week, you will be going to teach both groups – the beginners as well as the advanced consecutively for 4 hours each. This means, you first teach one group for 4 hours and then the other for the remainder of the day.

This week there are two trainers each working with one group for 9 hours. Next week there will be only one trainer (you) for both groups. So, you start with one group in the morning while the rest are working on their own in the room with access to the Internet. The advanced group consists of 6 to 7 people while the beginners has about 10 members.

On Monday morning you are going to start with the small group of advanced learners while the beginners will be working on tasks they were given by Frau Hoffmann, the trainer who has been working with them this week.

Maybe Stephanie will give you an update later this week.

Let me know if this makes sense to you.
Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten

That sounds sensible enough and thank you very much for the update. Do you know if the more advanced group is at intermediate level, or just a little higher than the beginners? Is the material provided? I always bring my own too but I understood they were working with a specific textbook?

And, I will obviously need to have 4 hours worth of tasks and assignments for each group everyday as I understand.

It sounds interesting and I am really looking forward going there.
I’ve sorted an apartment for now but maybe in the future.

Best regards

Hi Richard,

In answer to your question regarding the levels of the 2 groups, I’m not 100% sure who is in each group but I can take a stab in the dark or even better an educated guess.

I would suggest the lower group are at no more than A1 where as the higher level group is A2 creeping over to B1.

While I was there, they were working with the New Headway pre-intermediate book, but I suggest you use more of your own materials especially with the higher group to help prepare them for the LCCI.

Both groups are highly motivated and enjoy a varied day.

I wish you a lot of fun with them and please when you are there please tell them ‘Lord Graham’ sends his regards.