English speaker in Hanoi wanting to learn Vietnamese

Hi all,

My name is Bob from the UK : now I am working in Hanoi. I would like to learn some Vietnamese language and in turn can help my Vietnamese teacher improve their English.

If anyone is interested please post reply.



Hello Bob!
It’s very nice to become your teacher. Well, I’m a very strict teacher and if you want to learn Vietnamese, you have to pay me 1 million dong per hour.
Well, I’m just joking. Never mind!
In fact, I’m very happy to make friend with you. But how can we study with eachother? Contact me, Ok?
See soon.
Ah, I forgot. Wish you a happy day, Bob!

Chào Bob ( means Hello)
it is great to learn foreign language with you.
Sohpie aggreed to become your teacher … so I haven’t got a chance to do that
however, I’m very glad to make friends with you.
My name’s Mai and now I’m living in Hanoi

Interesting! How is your Vietnamese lesson going?

I would like to learn some Vietnamese language…My name Ronaldo…from the UK

hi guys.hi bob. my name Huyen. i’m come from vietnam too. ii want to improve english. i can teach u vietnamese.:stuck_out_tongue: free… i want u to teach me english.
contact me
my yahoo messenger : betron.chuoi3290
my facebook chikapeo90@yahoo.com.vn
telefonhandy: 01689931835
nice to meet u all

Iam Vietnamese
Now, Iam living in Singapore
I have been teaching Vietnamese for many singaporeans, malaysians and bussiness man
If you are interested in learning vietnamese, contact me: +6584160937

Hi guys,
I’m vietnamese. I live in Hanoi. I want to improve my english by speaking to native speaker. So if you speak English as a mother language and you want to learn Vietnamese, you live in Hanoi, please contact with me. We hope that we can help each other in the best way.

YM: ability_girl_bk@yahoo.com
Phone number: 0169.312.5936