English pronunciation issues


Learning English from scratch ought to start with learning English pronunciation through explanations, demonstration of correct articulation/pronunciation and through exercises/practice. Learning English pronunciation should cover major rules of reading English letters, the articulation of vowels and consonants, stress in words, in phrases, and intonation in sentences, and doing practical phonetic exercises that include listening to and pronouncing of words, phrases and sentences.


  1. English Pronunciation Made Simple (with 2 Audio CDs) (2nd Edition) [Paperback], Longman, 308 pages, 2004.
    With a friendly writing style and abundant illustrations, Pronunciation Made Simple (formerly English Pronunciation for International Students) helps students understand and achieve the pronunciation patterns of native English speakers. Appropriate for both classroom use and self-study, this confidence-building text motivates students to practice their skills outside the classroom.

    • Abundant mouth illustrations provide a clear path to better pronunciation.
    • A variety of listening, reading, and conversational activities offer comprehensive
      practice with sounds as they occur in words, common phrases, and sentences.
  2. English Pronunciation for International Students (text by Paulette Dale, Lillian Poms and 2 audio cassettes, intermediate - advanced level).

  3. English Pronunciation in Use.

  4. Cambridge’s “English Phonetics and Phonology” third edition, it comes with audio cassettes and CD.

  5. Accurate English (text by Rebecca Dauer and 4 audio cassettes, intermediate - advanced level).

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Sinse we’re talking pronunciation here, I’d like to make a pitch for a site that contains a wealth of information on pronunciation, it covers every topic, soup to nuts.
I think it has helped me more than anything I’ve ever found on the internet, because it contains video explanations, among other things, and I think visual aids make a big difference in learning.
You should check it out, it’ll take you a long way :slight_smile: