English Learning/Teaching Abbreviations and Acronyms

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I’m always coming across so many different abbreviations and acronyms that I always wind up very confused. Could someone please help and clarify?

What is TOEFL (Test or Teaching of English as a Foreign Language??)


Acronym; English for Speakers of Other Languages
Used in countries with English as the first language


Abbreviation; English as a Foreign Language
Use in countries with any language as first language except English

FCE: Cambridge First Certificate in English
CAE: Cambridge Advanced certificate in English
CPE: Cambridge Proficiency certificate in English

IOELTS: Don?t know what it means, abbreviation, it is to do with studying in England, you would get a score, I think, between 1 and 9, with 5,5 or so you would be allowed to study technical things with 7 medicine and philosophy and so on (Please correct me if I am wrong)

I am sure there are many more so if you know any please tell me.


Hi, Dominik,

There are lots of similar and weird acronyms created by people every day, not to say acronyms or abbreviations for slangs or expressions–I think.

TOEFL-Test of English as a Foreign Language

TESOL-Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

ESL-English as a Second Language
EFL-English as a Foreign Language

I hope this helps a bit. :smiley:

Dear Tzyli

Thank you very much for your answer. I didn’t know the difference between TESOL and TOEFL until now.

I just have one more question regarding TOEFL; What benefits would you get from taking this test? (Actually I got some more questions) Where would you take it? And in which sectors and countries could you use it?

Many thanks

Dear Dotti,

Welcome aboard. You have raised a very interesting questions, and Tzyli, many thanks for answering it.
In addition you might want to take a look here:

and here:

Let us know if you any further questions and as soon as I have a new idea I will post it too.

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Dear Torsten

Thank you for your efforts. I think I am getting a grasp