English in Australia

Hello Alan!. I always read your articles. It helps me very much. You like to travel. Have you ever been to Australia, New Zealand. Tell me, please your opinion about English in these countries.
Many thanks in advance.
Olya :shock:

Hi Olya,

Thanks for writing to the forum and I’m pleased that you are enjoying the web site. No, I have never been to Australia or New Zealand and so what I know of the English that they speak there comes mainly from tv,
cinema and news. Most of the information is about Australia and the way they use English comes across as original and refreshingly they always seem to be direct and come to the point. You notice this when their politicians are interviewed whereas in the UK politicians spend so much time talking round a subject rather than giving a straightforward reply. I find it interesting to hear and read the way English speaking countries have their own particular style of using the language. This is probably a feature of English that it is adaptable.
Which languages do you speak? Tell us something about yourself.

Best wishes

Many thanks for your interesting answer. I think English is a very important language. I try to improve my knowledge.
Best wishes.