English/German sentece structure: I haven't smoked for over a week.

OK, the question which I would like to ask concerns the structuring of a sentence. … Please let me explain.
I am learning to speak German, and what is driving me crazy, is the way in which the structure appears to be reversed in mid sentence.

For example :-

I haven’t smoked for over a week… English.

Seit über einer Woche, habe ich nicht geraucht… German.
( Since over a week, have I not smoked.)

Are there any languages that mimic English sentence structure.?

English is a typical example of a quite free- structure language, but it has to follow some patterns as (Subjecto-Verbt-Object and agreements). I used to learn German, and I know how hard is to switch between this different words order.

in my language “arabic” both of the two sentence correct , we have the hardest grammer as i believe but the easiest one to play with try your best i hope for you the best ever and take this advice in all of your life " if you enjoy something , it is will be easier and lovely to you "