English exams in your country

Hi everybody !

I tell Torsten about the national exam of foreign languages in Vietnam and he says his country does not have that exam and the exam seems only available in VN. He says I should ask the other forum members what English exams are availabe in their countries.

You know, in Vietnam people speak English, Chinesse as the second languages. And we have the national exam of foreign languages including 3 levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. If you pass the exam, of course you will get a national certificate.

So, what are English exams available in your country?

Hello Tortoise! How different is Chinese from Vietnamese? Do you also have international language exams in Vietnam? I think in Germany LCCI exams and Cambridge certificates are quite popular. Not sure of the exact numbers though.

Hi FrankU,

Of course Vietnamese is very different from Chinese. Chinese is spoken widely in Vietnam but it isn’t the national language in VN.