End or finish

Hi still i have problem with end and finish . I had 4 mistakes :frowning: when i did the test.

Hello Melanie,

Many thanks for joining our forum. Please tell me how often you did the test.

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Hi teacher,
when i get your Lesson each week i try to do the tests .
yours sencirly
Melania Thomas

Dear Torsten, all teachers and learners.

My name is Abdelhamid, I am from Morocco, I am retired but currently I am working in Tangier as a jurist in a firm. I’m not an English teacher but I am interested in learning English.

I appreciate your lessons and tests. By the way, I have got only five questions rights on the first attempt in the test called end or finish. So I must repeat the test.

Thank you very much for you lessons and tests.


Hi Abdelhamid,

It’s interesting to hear that your retired but still working as a legal adviser for a company. Or do you work in a law firm?

Also, are English skills important for your job?

Thank you,


Hello Ralf!

Since now, I do not think that English skills are important for my job, but I am interested in learning languages. Therefore my language is Arabic and I am learning English, French, Spanish, German and Norwegian
Thank you,


thanks for your email.i attended the test finish vs end.
I scored 7 out of 10.Actually i want to improve my spoken english .kindly give me some guidance to improve spoken english fluently. i would appreciate if u reply to me.


I had eight correct answers from this test end and finish.It was very good test because in that way I saw my skills about those words end and finish.I will wait the next lesson 5.

regards Adi

Dear teacher,
I have received " end or finish " lesson, I got 8 correct answers. It’ s hard for me to know how to use right the verb '" end" and " finish ". I hope everything would be right after I read your explanation part.
I will listen to the new audio lesson later.
Thanks again for everything you do.
Best regards,
Thuy Van.