In the sentence: ‘I thought that Moulin Rouge had a very sad end / ending.’
Which is the correct solution?-‘end’ or ‘ending’ ?
Thank you for your time!

For a story I would use “sad ending”; for a person or object I would use “sad end”. However, I would not say “end” is categorically wrong for a story.

He seems on the river.
Is there any object in this sentence.

No, but it is a strange sentence.

I am extremely sorry it was my mistake .
the sentence is-----
“He swims on the river.”
now what about the object?

There is no object. Not all sentences require one.
Compare with:
He sails his boat on the river - the object is his boat.

“Rice is eaten by me.”
Who is the performer of the verb of the sentence?

‘me’ does the eating.

I eat rice - active
rice is eaten by me - passive

Hi Farmer1,

I think you mean: He swims in the river and ‘the river’ is the object of the preposition ‘in’.


Thanks for the correction. I made the assumption, following on from Dozy’s post, that Farmer1 wanted the verb object. It was an incorrect assumption and I apologise to Farmer if it caused confusion.

Yes Beeesneees, you were right. I mean your assumption was right. I was searching for object of verb. So no need to apologize.

My another questions are-

  1. what is the wrong with the “on” in the above sentence?
    2.“He goes to the school”. Here “the school” is the object of “to” according to the solution of above. Correct?
    3.Since there is no object of verb, so there is no passive form of the sentence. correct?
  2. you was or you were, which one is correct?

it means “me” is the performer of the verb. But Subject is not performing the action of verb. correct?

My other questions are (plural)
Another question is (singular).
Don’t use ‘another’ with plurals as it means ‘one other’.

  1. ‘on’ implies he was swimming with his entire body on top of the water, rather than partly submerged.
    I think I’ll leave 2 and 3 to Alan.
  2. ‘You were…’ in both singular and plural forms.

That’s right.

a lot of thinks to you Beeesneees.