Email to my boss

Hi ,

Can you please correct the paragraphss if not correct ?


I had stepped out to the washroom when they pinged me. It was my mistake. I should have informed them before stepping out for a break. I will see to it that I inform them before going out henceforth.

One more thing I need to bring to your notice is that yesterday they wanted someone senior to join the call even though I was a part of it and responding to them. However, none of them answered and hence the call was rescheduled to the evening time.

The 2nd paragraph is still a little garbled, I’m not totally sure what you mean.
You have made punctuation spacing errors again.
You have not made clear here who ‘them’ is. I assume you make it clearer earlier in the mail.

A more natural version of your paragraphs would be:

When they pinged me I was in the washroom so did not hear it. This was my mistake as I should have informed them before taking a break. I will inform them in future.
In addition, yesterday they said they wanted someone senior to join the call. I was involved in the call but could not receive an answer so it was rescheduled for later that day.

Hi Beeesneees,

Thanks for corrections.

Your paragraph sounds professional and perfect.