Eid is a kind of special event in the lives

Hi expert teachers,

This is written by someone. Please correct it.

Eid, modern trends and sick society.

Eid is a kind of special event in the lives of Muslims where we get together, greet, hug each other and celebrate the happiness together and for Eid Day, we desperately wait for the whole month gifted by Allah to us. Off course, we have to celebrate and enjoy but we often forget to realize the desires and wishes of poor and needy people who deserve our attentions to buy clothes, food and happiness from us. We spend huge money of non essential things on Eid Day such as buying expensive clothes, shoes, giving extra money to our children to buy and explode crackers and other stuff whereas if we ever think for a while that instead of spending money on such things, we never teach them to help the poor and pay some money to them. We never teach them that while exploding crackers in the streets, someone in the house will be laying on the bed due illnesses and they will get disturbed or make their health even worse by the noise these explosions of crackers will produce. We are ever ready to arrange dance parties, gambling, show offs sessions and displaying extravaganza of fashion shows, film awards, dramas, films etc. but totally ignoring the norms of our religious and cultural respects while, when it comes to spend a single penny on a poor or needy, donate it in the Mosque or help poor in health, certainly we feel it very painful to give it away. Why we turn off the T.V when we see any program being telecast on religious teachings while calmly and keenly sit in front of T.Vs when there’s a drama, a fashion shows, famous celebrity’s interview is being shown?
Why don’t we think for a while that to save some portion of money and donate it to the poor children for their education, or donate to poor girls for their marriages?
Have you we ever wondered of answering these questions? I am sure, We haven’t!
But here’ re the tricks. See how?
Let’s make our environment more cleaned by throwing garbage into dust bins. Let’s save some energy for electricity since we have acute energy crisis. Let’s obey the traffic rules and avoid fatal casualties that result in sheer traffic violations which cost precious human lives and financial losses. Let’s each of us saves a single Dollar, Rupee or Darham and donate it for the promotion of education. Let’s help the poor in listening to their problems and try to sort them out. Let’s promise to ourselves that: we will not spend extravagantly on non essential, unrequired stuff instead we will donate it in Mosques, buy books to a needy student for his/her education, we will always try to turn off unnecessary lights to save some energy. We will always switch off T.Vs if the off the limits dramas or films being played on. Try to learn developing friendship with the ‘Books’ Don’t copy West and instead learn to respect your own culture while wear your own culture made fabrics and eat your own environmental food. Try to be simple in life because simplicity is being liked by Allah. Don’t be over proud and overly jealous because in the end, your burn yourself.

Many thanks in advance.

Why do you point this out?
“This is written by someone.”
What’s the purpose in asking for a correction? Frankly, there would be a lot of work to be done in correcting that passage and there doesn’t seem to be much point if you just want it corrected out of curiosity.

Thank you, BN.

I thought it was necessary to mention it. One of my friends, who practises writing, has written it. I even read this and really wanted to mention that I didn’t write it because it was full of mistakes. I told him to focus on the grammar and the correct usage of the verbs but since I am not a teacher, my words carry no weight.


  1. Don’t be over proud and overly jealous.
  2. Try to be simple in life because simplicity is being liked by Allah.
    Are these sentences grammatically OK?
    If not, please correct them.

I would correct those sentences in the original context to

Don’t be proud and overly jealous because in the end, you hurt yourself.
Try to live a simple life because Allah likes simplicity.

Is it wrong to say ‘Don’t be over proud’?

Yes. It’s not very fluent.