Effects of economic crisis

discuss in few lines the effects of the economic crisis on the globe .

Like a disease stretching all over the world, the recent economic crisis has been the worst of all times. That is; Companies are sinking into or are being in the process of bankruptcy .Banks are shutting down due to deposits outflow as a result Layoffs is becoming the harsh that truth that every employee is obsessed with idea of losing jobs.
Overwhelmingly affected by the consequences of this crisis ,the global economic advancement is drifting away from its planned direction taking into account examples of countries like Spain which before ranked on the top of world’s best economies now is dwindling due to inflation , dumped goods in the markets as purchase’s ability is going down on one hand and lack of competing with other countries for invading markets overseas on the other hand, and needless to mention the effects of unemployment which weighing on economy as people barley deal with the cost living.
The social consequences of the global crisis are tremendously disastrous, that is; when people lose their jobs they are unlikely potent to become homeless, penniless and exposed to all means of degradation if not to say to expel from society.
In spite of gloomy crisis that hung over the world, we keep faith and hope for better changes in near future. Also the world has to gather and work out a plan that should pull us from such crisis particularly if we benefit from many sources.

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