Education is the most important source of children’s development

Topic: Education is the most important source of children’s development. No matter what their back ground, i children have good schools and teachers they can progress. Government should put their major resources into school education

In a highly competitive world, education might be the most important element which might decide the success of everyone, especially children, in their prospective future. Government, therefore, should substantially invest in education to make a fairly developing opportunity for children from various backgrounds

Equally educational chances for everybody is the only reliable route to escape from disadvantage. No matter what their background or how they are descended from, young people, who are given a propitious condition to study, can succeed or totally change their own lives positively. School can be a constant factor in the young person’s life and a place where potentially they are like everyone else. A successful education might improve children’s knowledge, mentality and awareness, and also other social skills such as interpersonal, negotiating and convincing skills, which will enhance their employment prospect. In addition, what is more important is that education enlarges their line of vision, teach them many ethical lessons, which help them make right choices and understanding how to determine right from wrong; young people can decide which will be the best for them to become a good citizen and have a happy life in their own future.

On the other hand, the lack of education could ruin each individual’s life; hence lead to many social problems such as poverty, crime, slow development, making that social’s future gloomy and hopeless. Children who do not have a good education in school tend to have difficulty with finding jobs, getting into college, or staying out of trouble with the law. Young people who grow up in families that do not care about prioritizing the education are more likely to be living out on the street at mature, using drug, involving many criminal practices or ending up in prison, leading to an unhealthy and slowly developing social as a result.

In conclusion, the government should pay their prior attention, effort and also other resources to education to make a fairly competitive environment to everyone, and to make the social becoming better

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