educating is difficult because of cellphones and online games..plss rate

Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cell phone, online games, and social networking Web site.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Education is important in everyone’s life. Education gives a better position in the society and also helps in acquiring a job to fulfill our dreams. Some believe educating children is difficult task because of online games, cell phone, and social networking websites, while others believe studying is more easy because of them. In my opinion, I disagree that education in children is more difficult task today than it was in the past, because of online games and cell phones. It is because of several reasons, including gathering information from internet by browsing through cell phones and improved communication with students through cell phones.
First, education of children nowadays became more easy than previous days because of cell phones and social networking websites. Whenever a student is assigned a project or assignment in any of the subject he can quickly look browse the internet. For example, my science professor assigned a project on Ebola virus for three of our classmates. All of us started working on the project by browsing the internet, where people post some awareness programs. We also searched in internet about the cause, origin and epidemiology of virus through various sources available in internet. Thus, both internet and social networking sites helped us in giving updated knowledge of the topic. On the flipside, my dad had no internet when he was studying his bachelors program. It took several hours in going through the books and finding valuable resources about his project.
Second, education is much easier today than before because of cell phones as they improved communication network between students. Whenever students are studying for exams if they get doubt on any topics they can call between themselves and discuss topics. For instance, during our mid semester exams, all our friends were studying for history exam. We did not quite well understand certain topics and we called other students for that topic. Thus, cell phones make communication easy and help in improving subject knowledge among the students. on the flip side, some people do not have cell phones and may not be able to get corrections for their doubts.
In conclusion, cell phones , social networking sites make the education easier. They are useful for communication among students and are also useful to search information about any topic. Thus, I would recommend everyone to use cell phones, social networking websites and online games, which would be beneficial for their education purpose

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Hi Rakeshchanda, your writing is not too bad in this one. Most of your ideas are clear, but you do have some errors in tense and grammar. I think your first body paragraph could have been better, since you focused on the internet, not really on cell phones, social networking or online games. In fact you didn’t talk about networking or games at all. Ir might be ok to focus on cell phones, but it sounds odd since you talk about networking and games in your intro and conclusion, but don’t actually talk about them. I think the fact that you didn’t address the prompt directly enough might reduce your score to a 3 out of 5.