Editing one's posts

Hi all,

The forum is, in my opinion, very good, as people get to exchange ideas and discuss varied topics here in a relaxed (?) atmosphere. However, I’m longing for the possibility to edit my own posts: we all write things hastily sometimes, and when you read your post later you might well want to make minor changes. If you change your post you should give a reason for it, and the original version should remain accessible for reference, but in principle I think that you should be free to “change your words” so to say.

Best wishes.

Hi Englishuser,

You can change your posts any time simply by clicking on the ‘EDIT’ button on the right hand upper corner of each message window.

Let me know if this answers your question and please do continue to share your thoughts with us – we sometimes might engage in controversial discussions but this is good negotiation training.


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I definitely agree with you! Negotiation skills are definitely worth a lot!

Hi Englishuser,

You can also use the QUOTE button (next to the EDIT button). Or, when you want to insert your remarks into a person’s message, you can use this string:

I have disabled this function in this post so you can see the [tags]. In a normal message the text between those two [tags] will appear on a white background and they will be marked as ‘quote: Englishuser’.

Try it out and let me know what you think,

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Hi Torsten,

I’ll try to use the ‘quoting-feature’. I’m not just that familiar with all computer programs and software so that’s why I sometimes need to find my own clumsy solutions (like when I just say ‘Jamie says:’ instead of using a feature like this).

Best regards.