What are your thoughts about eavesdropping? Should we be listening in to what was supposed to be a private conversation at the G8 conference especially as one of the participants happens to be the leader of the most powerful nation in the world? You know which ‘B’ I’m talking about, of course!


I wouldn’t call it precisely eavesdropping, since his microphone was (unintentionally?) on for everyone to hear. But no, I don’t think we should listen in to a private conversation.

Unluckily for him and oh so ‘luckily’ for the press and the rest of the world everybody could hear his unfortunate choice of words.

I guess it was too juicy a morsel for the ever rapacious media to resist and ignore!

Speaking of ‘eavesdropping’, I was wondering what the term had in common with roof edges and found this interesting and funny explanation:

:smiley: I know that person :smiley:
But speaking of eavesdropping in general I don’t think it’s correct. In some cases it’s rather illegal.

Yes, the undercurrents appear to be raging everywhere. Isn’t it amazing what a word can do? Frankly, I wish politicians everywhere would speak more directly instead of pussyfooting around with all their “politically correct” mumbo jumbo. Would it have been more admirable if “B” (note: he’s usually referred to as “W” --> “Dubya”) had said something like “regrettable differences of opinion”? I mean, that sounds a bit like the BBC’s use of the term “misguided criminals” to refer to the perpetrators of those deadly bombings in London last summer. :roll:

I know the guy you talking about, he spent a couple of days in Hungary about two weeks ago.
No one knows why he came, but he was here, and it was so good that no one bothered to ask him about the reason.
Our ministers must speak too bad English, 'cause when they asked him about the cancellation of the visa just because he promised he would , he either didn’t understand them quiet well, or just didn’t give a damn about being too reasonable to these unimportant bunch of talking-monkeys, he told them the good news: the American-Hungarians say hi!
He was talking about those guys, who left Hungary about fifty years ago, in the big trouble, and had to spend the rest of their miserable lives in America, now these brave patriots sent a message that was so touching that no one dared to repeat the question.
Because of his visiting the whole Budapest was blocked for some days, but it was worth it, 'cause when he spoke to the masses he showed his big respect to our people by saying he was sorry about this little inconvenience.
He must’ve meant those guests of that hotel who had been thrown out because of him, or the half of the city, who couldn’t use their cars for a week about.
I know, this guy is a big shot, but for God’s sake, W.Axel Rose showed more respect to Hungary when he’d been late for three hours from the Guns ‘n’ Roses concert.
I don’t think he cares though