Eating sweet foods produces acid in the mouth, which can cause tooth decay

Eating sweet foods produces acid in the mouth, which can cause tooth decay. (High acid levels are measured by low pH values)
Describe the information below and discuss the implications for dental health.
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The given graph describes acidity level of mouth from consumption of sugar/honey within 40 minutes .According to the graph accidity level of mouth increase sharply in 5 minutes and though PH level decrease. PH level of mouth is 7 before using any sugar. In first 5 minutes cane sugar decreses PH level of the mouth to 3.5 while fruit sugar decresse it to almost 4 and Honey decreases it to almost 5. After 5 minutes PH level of mouth increses execpt for when you eat honey which in this case it starts to increse after 10 monutes.
PH level which tooth decay takes place below it is 5.5. When you consume honey PH level of your mouth is almost 10 minutes under this threshold. It takes more than 15 minutes after consumption of fruits sugar and almost 30 minutes after consuption of cane sugar. So cosumption of honey suger has less risks for tooth decay and fruit sugar and cane sugar have more risks consecutively.

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Hi Mahdi, I think you did a pretty good job with this report. You describe the data and the ramifications of the data fairly clearly. You do have quite a few misspelled words though,
so watch that. And a few of your sentences could have been stated more naturally.