Easy way to learn grammar

hello guys,

im new to this forum – i found this forum very interesting to improve my english skills –

i am looking for some books or website to learn english grammer in easy way –

hope someone will help me in this regard

thanks in advance

best regards

Hi Na,

You better follow Google search and there are lot of English websites waiting for teaching you English.My sincere
advice to u is you better writing queries in ESL and It will be definitely tuning your language skills.

Hope this help… :lol:

Hi Nav,

Many thanks for your positive feedback and welcome to our community. In order to give you the right answer to your question it would be good to know why you want to study English grammar?
Also, what is your definition of grammar?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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thanks swami – i will visit this website regularly thats for sure – thanks for the advice once again :slight_smile:

best regards

hai Torsten,

first of all sorry for the spelling mistake (grammAr) and thanks for the prompt reply – its really appreciated

actually i want to improve my speaking skills – i’m a professional web designer some times i feel difficulty to speak english fluently

i want to learn proper grammar because i doesnot wanna make grammar mistake while speaking english – like past tense to present tense – i hope you understand what i mean to say

i want to start learning from the scratch - hope you gonna help me in this regard

Hi Nav,

So you are a professional webdesigner, that’s very interesting. Are you self-employed or do you work for a company? As for your question, I think you should try out several methods in order to see which works best for you.
For example, if you want to build up your grammar “from scratch”, you might want to get hold of a good grammar book and simply study the basics. What you can do is raise your awareness for grammar issues so you will pay more attention to them when you communicate with native speakers.

However, if you ask successful learners of English as a second language about their techniques, most of them tell you this: At some point we started to surround ourselves with English on a daily basis.

As a webdesigner you know exactly how the “input/output” principle works. You can and should use the same principle when it comes to learning English: If you want to improve your English, increase your “English input”. That is, feed your mind with good, idiomatic and authentic English on a daily basis. Let your subconscious mind do to all the grammar work and focus on the contents rather than the structures.

What about your current situation, do you have contact with native speakers?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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hai Torsten,

thanks a lot for your help – well basically i’m from india but working in riyadh based company since 5 years u can browse my personal website www.naveenkumar.com

yeah today i will try to get english grammar book and i will try to work on basics

sure i will try to give more attention – i will start to watch bbc news and cnn hope that will also help me

well right now i dont have any native english speaker contact you know in saudi arabia its difficult to get native speakers – but i normally speak in english in the office

thanks for the help once again :slight_smile:

best regards

Raymond Murphy’s grammar book is probably one of the best grammars out there: amazon.com/Essential-Grammar … 0521559286