Earthquake in China.

I felt so sad as a chinese people when I heard such a shocked news-earthquake.It occured in sichuan province.It is said that the death toll has passed twenty thousand at present,There are still lots of missing people,The government official are try their all-out efforts to save the people.The premier Wenjiabao said: To save people at all costs.I hope they are still alive now,Carry on,Don’t give up.

When I saw an injured old man stands in his destroyed home ,When I saw these children,who will become orphan.when I saw these parents,who lost their children.I couldn’t help watering.We can’t prevent the disaster,What can we do is to make a concerted effort to deal with the difficulty.

I was feeling so moving when I saw a lot of chinese people join in the mourning ceremony and pray for the victim.I wanna say our chinese people are very united.we We will certainly be able to overcome difficulties.

Let us pray for the survivor and mourn for the victim.China,Fighting!Sichuan,Fighting.

Hi Baby Angel,

Some citizens of Sichuan province say that a lot of lives could have been saved if the school buildings had constructed according to the required safety standards. Do you think those people are right?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A young woman at the library[YSaerTTEW443543]

Oh that’s the worst thing ever. I got tear when I saw the picture there on the newspaper. It become more terrible because So many school was destroyed. How come the China’s Government not manage there school at the first time? Then now they are turning to investigate why 7000 of school was destroyed if Im not wrong of the number. I saw the picture of a husband console his wife for the loss of their kid and they were standing right in the school where the kid was dead. Hopefully the number of death don’t increase anymore.
Good bless them!

I think the more important thing is to focus on relocating survivors and helping them rebuild their lives. Unlike the collapse of Highland Towers in 1993 in Malaysia, there were only two survivors and the Malaysian government had all the time in the world to punish the developers. But they didn’t. True, there was a natural disaster element in the catastrophe but there was also the element of negligence. If you read on the net, they said the depth of the pilings was insufficient for buildings that tall, but what I actually heard is that the developers used old train railway steels for pilings. And when the earth moved, guess what? They snapped into two.

And if I know my country better, I will believe what I heard rather than what is legally written or officially reported.

Eventhough the earthquake’s magnitude might be too big or bigger than the negligence factor, I am pretty sure of a death sentence here. At least that is better than the “immunity from liabilities” that the developers in my country received!

i didn’t mind what people say,we can’t prevent the matter what a strong house?it also will be collapsed by earthquake.what do you think so?