drivers should pay a fee on peak times

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Drivers should pay a fee to be allowed to drive on the city streets during the time when there is the greatest amount of traffic.

The issue of the best and most efficient regulation for driving has always been a matter of controversy among authorities. Traffic is one of the angles of these discussions. Recently it has been proposed in our society that the drivers should pay a fee for driving during time when there is traffic congestion in streets. From my perspective, this policy is really useful in the way that not only it reduces traffic, but also it reduces the hustle and bustle of city and it is a source of income for government.
In the first place, forcing the drivers to pay a fee will definitely eliminate the traffic congestions that we encounter in specific times of a day. Today, traffic is considered as one of the biggest predicaments of cities which can be addressed with this policy. Moreover, as a result of traffic reduction, the problems of air pollution can be solved which is, also, a concerning matter in our city.
Second, fining drivers is a kind of revenue for our government which make it possible for the mayor of or city to enhance the speed of constructive projects and providing more facilities for streets. In our country, Iran, many accidents emanating from inappropriate condition of roads result in the death of many individuals. The improvement of roads conditions can contribute a lot in the development of our country and the reduction of death tolls.
Finally, implementing this policy can make the public to use their cars and refer to administrative offices at different times of day, So streets, offices and stores get less crowded. This can bring convenience for everyone, since they can avoid wasting their time in heavy lines of banks or offices.
By and large, I firmly subscribe to the idea of getting money from drivers in on-peak times of a day. As I explained, I think it will bring a wide variety of advantages to our society.

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Hi Farshad, I thought your essay was ok, but I did not like it as much as some of your others. Your ideas were pretty clear, but your writing did not seem to flow very well and your arguments did not seem to have much development. You also had quite a few minor errors in usage and some phrases that sounded awkward or unclear. Overall, I would rate this one a 3.5 out of 5.