Doubts about "yet to take off"

Is the following sentence grammatically correct?

I am moving forward on some fronts but I have yet to take off fully on other fronts.

I am especially not sure about “I have yet to take off” Should I perhaps write “I am yet to take off”

Also is there a better way to convey the same thoughts.


[color=blue]For me it’s a very common way of saying things in USA, I’ll say, YES it’s correct. The verb “have” in this statement is to add a sense of obligation.

Rephrased :

I have some issues to be taken care of but I have others that need to be addressed immediately.

Let wait to see what others have to say anyways…

Yes, it’s fine, and can be paraphrased as ‘I have not yet taken off…’

‘Yet’ is a common marker for the use of the present perfect.