dopes and dunces

  1. Just like dopes and dunces, don’t behave always.
  2. Only lowbrow people will behave like dunces.
  3. Racist bigots are really lowbrow people.
    Are these sentences OK and meaningful?
    If you find them wrong, please correct and make them more elegant.

I don’t understand 1. Perhaps you mean ‘Don’t behave like a dope or a dunce.’
2 should probably be ‘behave’ rather than ‘will behave’. It is also factually incorrect as highbrow people can also behave like dunces, so this could be an indication that you do not understand the term ‘lowbrow’
3. is factually incorrect as ‘lowbrow’ does not equate to ‘racist’. Racists can be equally highbrow or lowbrow type people.

Lowbrow - not having particularly cultured or intellectual taste. It does not indicate a lack of moral fibre or of intelligence or a surfeit of loutish tendencies.

Can I write as below:
2. Only lowbrow people behave like dunces.
3. Racist bigots are really louts.
Now are the meanings OK?

The meaning of 2 is NOT OK because it is not only lowbrow people who behave like dunces and dunces are not lowbrow people.

  1. is pribvably OK in meaning.