Don't understand why do people upload so many pictures on social networks!

Hi All!

Today I want to share my views with you guys and want your views as well about sharing of unlimited pictures some of which are sensible and some seem completely nonsense on social networks. What’s on our mind while we share pictures? Definitely we want to share our feelings with others. To me, this behaviour seems very sensible when some of our relatives who live abroad and share their pictures with us. Through this way they not only show us the beautiful sceneries but also let us aware with others culture. In short, you can have a bit taste of anthropology. But what about those who live near to us and we know everything about them. When we also find them on these networks in the form of photos we start feeling about them like they should be removed from our friendlist. Uploading only one photo I think is enough to represent our current status. According to me, the most sensilble way to update others about ourselves is through writing like the people do in the past.

What is your opinion?



People use Interent and social network to make some friends. IN this way sharing some photos would faciliate such friendship. I support shring photos although I believe people should be more carefull for security.

They say, seeing is believing.

kind regards.

A bit agreed with both of you! :slight_smile:

It’s something like we are writing rubbish on the free sites. Agree more?


So let’s write more rubbish?