Don't like some Koreans...

Good evening dear Torsten.

I’m mongolian girl. but now still in korea. because in korea i have medical treatment. My treatment is about Lupus… It’s very hard pain.
Do you know about Lupus?

Thanks for the all e-mail and all english lessons.
I will study english… maybe now my english is bad and worse.
In korea i haven’t friends… and korea language is duffff… i don’t like korean language oooh my god… really difficult kk
I don’t like some korean people … but in mongolian doctors don’t know about my diagnose…because i live in korea…
Thanks for the connect with me.
More keep in touch .

I’m not Torsten, but I know about lupus. A friend of mine had it. It is an illness where your immune system treats your own cells as foreign cells and starts to destroy them.

Many Koreans are very good people, and I hope you make some good friends there.

Thanks for the comment.
Yeah, i know some korean people good or some not good ^^.
thank you dear Jamie (K).