'Don't let's discuss it' versus 'Let's not discuss it'


Could you please tell me if the following sentences are same?

1- Don’t let’s discuss it.
2- Let’s not discuss it.


I think, Tom, that in your first sentence you ask someone not to let you all discuss that (something like a command)while in your second sentence you give an idea, offer to anyone(all of you) not discussing that :wink:

Hi Tom

The sentences are synonymous to me. Sentence 2 sounds somewhat more formal, though.

But you left out the third possibility:

3- Let’s don’t discuss it. :smiley:


I think that “Don’t let’s discuss it.” and “Let’s don’t discuss it.” are both awful sentences; at least they sound very bad to me.

I would say “Don’t let us discuss it.” and “Let’s not discuss it.” respectively instead of the above.

I think that I have never heard “let’s” and “don’t” used together but apparently some people do use them together.

Does anyone agree with me?

A lot of thanks to all of you!

Amy, do you use all these forms or do you also, like canadian45, do not approve of the following sentences?

1- Let’s don’t discuss it.
2- Don’t let’s discuss it.


Hi Tom (respects to Amy),

Don’t like ‘Let’s don’t discuss it’. To my old ear it sounds dead wonky!


Thanks a lot, Alan.

Your innovative use of phrases has ‘rubbed off onto me’ to the extent where I am forced to carry the the following series with me all the time. Recently bought it! :wink:

Fun with idioms by John and Ching Smithback.

Hi Alan

“Let’s don’t…” sounds a little wonky to me, too, but no more so than “Don’t let’s…” :lol:

My personal preference would usually be “Let’s not…”



“Let’s not…” is grammatically correct both in American and British English. Some people say “Let’s don’t…” in American English and “Don’t let’s…” in British English to mean “Let’s not…” Am I correct?

Like Alan, I’ve heard ‘don’t let’s…’ (though wouldn’t use it).
I can’t speak for AmEng - but Yankee can!

Thank you, B.

Hi Tofu,

Since Yankee is no longer permitted to speak as Yankee, I’ll speak for her. :wink:

Don’t let’s sounds unusual to me, and Yankee’s comment to Tom about Let’s don’t was just a friendly joke to Tom. I personally never use either one of those – and neither does Yankee. lol

Let’s not is what I would expect people here in North America to use.

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Thank you, Amy.