'Don't give in without a fight' © Pink Floyd


Could you explain the difference between give up and give in?

Is the first just ‘more general’ whereas the second implies a particular thing or person that appears to be ‘stronger than you’?

Never give up!
Never give in!

What is the difference in meaning here?

Morning Tamara,

Give up suggests not do any more, stop doing as in:

Charlie gave up smoking when his doctor told him that smoking was seriously damaging his health.

Give in suggests surrender, yield or no longer resist as in:

You can argue about it till you’re blue in the face but I will not give in to your demands.


Morning Alan,

Clear, thanks.

Hmm. Can I then say ‘Never give up your attempts to stop smoking’ :slight_smile: as an (ironical, of course) upturned/inversed equivalent to ‘Try to give up smoking!’


Give up your attempts ? - well yes but I’d like to pad it out a bit and say: Never give up on/with your attempts. Maybe I’m being a bit nitpicky, though. Hope I haven’t added confusion now!


I’ll never give up with my attempts not to give in! :slight_smile:

Learning language is often similar to disentanglement of a fish-tackle. Sometimes, when I pull a loop that seems so ‘safe’, the tangle just becomes even more twisted…
With all this going on, also keeping in mind old cans of worms… :slight_smile:

…Thanks a lot, Alan!
I would have given up if there hadn’t been so many supportive people in the world.

Have a nice day!

I like that one, Tamara. What a vivid picture! :smiley: