Dogs (idioms and expressions)


You can lead a dog’s life (have a miserable life) or you can be top dog (you’re the boss). You can even be in the dog house (be in trouble for what you’ve done) or live in a dog eat dog society (fighting for survival where competition is relentless) or let sleeping dogs lie (not look for trouble). But what on earth are you doing if you keep a dog and bark yourself?


Hi Alan!

Does it mean: you ordered anybody to do something and do it yourself? Perhaps because you don?t rely on his skills?


Hi Michael,

Exactly that. It often suggests that the person who keeps the dog is no good at delegating jobs to other people and is a little frightened of giving orders.


Hi Alan

I’d never heard that expression before (“keep a dog and bark yourself”), but I like it. :smiley:


Hi together!

Have anybody of you ever read “[color=red]Paul Watzlawik?s Instruction of being sad!”? One of the instructions he gave to be sad is [color=red]keeping a dog and barking yourselfs :smiley:

Enjoy reading that pretty instructions!