I have the sentences: ‘She doesn’t have enough experience.’
and ‘She hasn’t enough experience.’
Is the second sentence correct? What tense is there?
Thank you for your time!

  1. She hasn’t enough experience.

Please don’t take this for granted, but in my opinion the contracted form isn’t correct in such case.

Should be

  1. She has not enough experience.

“not enough experience” is the object here.
“She” is the subject and
“has” is the main verb, predicate. It’s all about the indefinite/present simple tense.

Yes, the second sentence is correct and the contraction is fine.
She doesn’t have… she does not have.
She hasn’t enough… she has not (had) enough.


  1. She has not enough experience.
  2. She has not had enough experience.
    Are both #1 and #2 OK?
    Do they mean the same?

1 is not correct.

  1. I have not enough experience. Incorrect?
  2. I haven’t enough experience. Correct?
  3. I haven’t had enough experience. Correct?
  4. I have not had enough experience. Correct?
  5. I do not have enough experience. Correct?
  6. I don’t have enough experience. Correct?

Am I right, BN? :slight_smile:

Yes, I suppose on reflection (1) is not strictly incorrect, but it just doesn’t sound right without context.

Thank you, BN.