Does the word 'superpower' require the article 'a'?

You don’t have to have a superpower to save the planet.

Is “a” in the above optional?


Is “superpower” a noun or an adjective in your planned sentence?

A noun.

‘superpower’ is an uncountable noun

Then it needs the “a”.

And how we use the noun “power” with “a”?

You can use ‘power’ as a countable noun when it has this meaning, for example: … &dict=CALD

As a general rule, uncountable nouns are used without any article. The indefinite article is used with uncountable abstract nouns when they are modified by a descriptive attribute: A dull anger rose in his chest. There was a tenderness in his voice that moved her.

By the way, what Longman dictionary of contemporary English gives:
He hinted a bigger presence for the U.S. military in the Asian Pacific region where China is emerging as a superpower. But there is a tide here that may be irresistible even for a superpower. (countable)
So, it’s not always the same as simply ‘power’.

I thought that superpower here means not a country but super power,if we are speaking about the first meaning it is certainle use with a.

Amy,thanks for the exaple.