Does humor play an important role in the workplace?

In this busy and competitive society, everything is required the efficiency. Hence, it often happens to the stress, conflict and argument around our workplace, but we cannot quarrel with our co-workers, even supervisors every time because of the diverse opinions. Thus, with a sense of humor seems a good advantage to deal with the business on the job. The followings are good reasons why people should have a sense of humor.

First, humor can reduce the pressure on the job. Now, the economic all over the world isn’t good as well as our country, so we often work overtime not only to increase our competiveness, but also to save our job. Moreover, the less time we take a rest, the more pressure we will undertake. It will contribute to the condition which we feel more frustrated and finally burnout in the office with a grim atmosphere. Accordingly, having a sense of humor, we can improve this terrifying situation quickly, we know laughing makes us feel good. We cannot feel good and stressed simultaneously; that means, if we make a joke, laughing suddenly on the job, we can relieve the pressure too.

Second, humor facilitates the relationship between colleagues. We often need teamwork on the job, but it is not always an easy thing to lead a team. Sometimes some of team members may stand up to argue with you or not to abide by your directions. However, we cannot use a tough way to force them to listen to us. Therefore, we can dissolve the fights or opposite opinions by our humor. Humor can not only reconcile the disputes, but also facilitate relationship among the team members, and also promote the emotions to each other.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, we all know that having a sense of humor has many benefits in the workplace. Humor can oils the wheel of any work in the office.
We can continue to work on after the big laughter and put the unhappy things behind our mind, which it can increase our productivity. Besides, with a sense of humor can help us communicate with others easily as well. Therefore, humor does play an important role in our workplace.

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