Do your use this form? - 'the bests'


Do your use this form? ’ The bests ’ when you want to speak about a group of people who are the best at something?

e.g. I got into the group of the bests.


No, just “into the best group” or “into a group of the best”.

Yea, we can not use plural forms of the superlative.

You could use it as noun (“the Bests”), a kind of argot, and so on.

Hi Liza

You could say “I got into the group of all/only the best” or “The group I got into consists/is made up of the best”.

You can use the just “the best” to refer to “the best people” or “the best students”, for example. You can also say “the best ones”. The broader context would normally clarify the meaning of “the best” and/or “ones”.