Do you think these people are responsible for what happened?

The first case:

A girl and her boyfriend went to a dangerous place. The place is notorious for being chancy. Now, the guy was stabbed in the chest and the girl was gang-raped.

Of course nobody would deny the fact that the gang is the main culprit, but I just want to know whether these two are responsible for what happened to them or not. What do you think?

The second case:

A husband has been denied his conjugal rights for a long time for no specific reason. One day, he was seduced by a woman at work.

Whether the man’s personality is strong or weak, that’s not the point.

Who do you think is MORE responsible for what happened? The husband or the wife?

Thank you in advance.

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In the first case I think that the two are responsible , cause they hadn’t to go in a dangrous and notorious place and what happened to them is something logic !
In the second situation, I think that the MORE responsible is the wife cause she was able to let him do all his duties , in that way he could not do what was done !
This is my point of view, thanks!

Will, as for me, the ability of self-protecting is the most important thing. We must responsible for ourself. Thus, in both case, I don’t think there is a right or wrong question. They became victims just because they were unlucky and unprepared.
May god bless them.
However, if you want some legal answer, I can’t do much.

Hello Yatou,

No, I do not want any legal answers. There won’t be any charges against the aforementioned people, apart from the gang of course and may be the man and the woman in the second case.

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Hello Abir,

In the second case, if we want to identify the root cause, the wife is the culprit. But it does not mean the husband is innocent.

hello happytofita!
I think you’re right in this way , the two are responsible

hello, happytofita!
I’m sorry that I don’t think the wife is the root case for there is no explaination for the couple’s unhealth marriage.
And I’m wondering whether “legally” could be used in this way. Is it better to say: “on the law side”?

I’m with Yatou here. We don’t know why the couple went to that dangerous place. It could be of something important. I do not believe by holding them responsible (and by “holding responsible” I think it means blaming them for all that had happened), would do any good. If you think it’s going to be a lesson to others, all I can say is how I wish that could be true. I believe this type of case is not new.

As for the second case, as long as I don’t live with them and witness the reality of their marriage, I don’t think I can put the blame on any of them. Too little information, don’t you think? :wink: Even a judge would need more!