Do you say 'Document Issuing'?

Hi, everyone

I would like to know if I can say ‘Document Issuing’ where people get their document which is issued by the related goverment departments, such as Land Office where you may have lands, and sometimes you want to register your lands to your family or you may apply Land and Building Registration Transcriptions for some reasons. If you take your Identification and some related documents, the civil servants check your document for some couple days and they will inform you to pick up the documents. This is what I want to ask. How can we say ‘pick up the douments’ in English?

For instance, the civil servants can inform the applier who are agents or citizens that they can pick up the documents whenever they want.

Here is the term I get so far.

1.Document Issuing
2.Issued Document Pick Up

The term may be used for informing the citizens or it may be printed in the board of the public goverment department. It can be a counter name as well.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Those are as good as anything I can think of. ‘Issuance’, perhaps.

Hi, MM

Thanks for your quick answer.

Plus, I am wondering if ‘Pick up’ is a kind of oral English. Is it suitable to be used by the goverment departments?

Also, is it correct way to say ‘Document Issuing Counter’?

Thanks a lot.


All OK. Signs often use phrasal verbs.