Do you read your daily horoscope?


Do you read your daily horoscope? Do you take it seriously? I did something to my Google home page yesterday and it’s now giving me my horoscope:


I have clearly been warned!


I don’t really read it that much. It never seems to be right - I think I’ve been slated to win millions or pick up countless amounts of ladies for years now :slight_smile:

Hi Alan,

I don’t believe a word of what horoscopes ‘predict’. I’ve recently [color=red]developed an interest in astronomy and [color=red]have thus had dealings with astrology too.
In fact, even if stars and planets have an effect on your life/fate/etc., astrology is not [color=red]in sync with astronomy regarding the position of the sun. The zodiac [color=red]dating was established corresponding to [color=red]the arrangement of the constellations around 300 BC and the stars have drifted a lot since then. I’m supposed [color=red]to be Taurus, but the Sun was actually in Aries when I was born :slight_smile:

Could you tell me if the expressions in red sound fine?

Hi Sis,

Yes, the comments in red are fine.

Thanks for your contribution.