do you prefer to work indepently or work with a group

Some people prefer to work independently. Others like work with a group. In my opinion, I would choose the first option

     Firstly, working alone helps people in concentrating on their task without being disturbed by co-workers. I have a story that can contributes to be an example. When I studied at 4th grade, my friend invited me to join his group for studying. However, contrasting to my previous think that I could take advantage of this group to be the basement for my development, I totally be bombarded with various disturbing questions such as "Have you had a girl-friend?","Have you tried a new vogue of clothes?". As the result, my 5-day trial as studying together was fruitless without any achievement.

     Secondly, learning independently trains human in self-adapting every kinds of situations. Let compare two student to shape the advantage of self-reliance. The first boy works with a group. As completely reliance on the integration of others' aptitude, he can't enhances wholly his potential ability. For this reason, when having a standardize test that requires working separately, he failed. In contrary, the second boy works independently. As being in isolation, he must pace himself to adapt the diverse knowledge of the test he will take by analyzing his weakness, reporting his results to see the progress. As the result, nothing prevents him from reaching the ladder of success. 

   In conclusion, as I discussed above, I strongly believe that it's better to self- study

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Thank you very much mr Kitos. The power of reading is incredible :))