Do you play soccer? Does she go to school?

Do you play soccer?
Does she go to school?
Do I learn English?
Does he watch a movie?
Do you speak another language?


what do you mean ? :-?

what’s cooking?

Hello Nicole,
Those questions are fine, though 'Do I learn English? is best asked using the verbs ‘to be’ or ‘can’ rather than ‘to do’ in most cases.

Can I speak English?
Am I speaking English?

Hello Shadi,

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I believe Nico was trying to make some simple sentences.

Hello Coco,

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Don’t forget that sentences, no matter how short they are, always begin with a capital letter.

There are several sentences which can be always in capital letter. If you are beginners for english then there are so many books which you have to read these all might be very helpful.

Hello Bradjack.

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All sentences should begin with a capital letter, but sentences are not usually written entirely in capital letters.

I think she/he by mistakenly pasted that stuff here… coz i have a seen a thread where the Admin is asking for the questions from the members to check whether how much they had improved in English !