Do you like working with your hands or working with machines?

Do you like working with your hands or working with machines?

Opening a wine bottle by wine opener is the simplest example of a machine. How can you imagine a life without machines in present era. We need machines for our day today task. It is not about a choice; however, machine is the basic need for us. If I would give a choice, I always prefer to working with machines.

First, machines save a lot of time. Any kind of work which can be done with in few minutes via machines; certainly, takes more time via manually. For Instance, transportation system can save lot of time. You can reach any place within few hours via car, train buses and flights. You can also compare the clothing. All garments knit by machines these days. Garments are more attractive, work is finer and the most important point is it saves a lot of time.

Furthermore, Working with machine is more easy, comfortable and accurate than hand work. In today’s life everyone wants comfort and easiness. For example, nobody wants to wash clothes by their own. Every one prefers to use automatic washing machines. Coolers, heaters and televisions all are the machines. These machines are definitely not for luxuries. These are today’s basic needs. Another example, computer replaces all the manual documents. It saves our energy as well as easy to handle. Data is also more accurate and less chances for errors.

Addition to previous, I am able to save my energy for other purposes. The work, I can do by machines save a lot of my energy for other important task. For example, if I save my time by cooking food in microwave, which gives me, freedom to utilize my energy for reading or playing games. I can spend more time with my kids and also for my personality development.

To summarize all my thoughts, I always choose working with machine over my hand work. The reasons behind my choice are to save time, easiness of work and more comfort.

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