Do you like shopping?


Some people can’t stand it. I’m referring to going shopping. They don’t like standing around looking at items that they might or might not buy. And then there’s the pacing up and down the streets trying to find the right shop. On the other hand there are those who simply adore shopping. It lights up their lives, they simply live for the very experience of it all. We have a name for them –shopaholics. That may well be so but I’m sure that most of us fall somewhere in between the two.

Now, you probably know us from our tests and our forums and I do hope you have enjoyed that experience of seeing how well you’ve done in the tests and also getting your questions answered on the forums. Wouldn’t you like to own your own materials? Wouldn’t you like to sit somewhere quiet and read through your own English language materials? Well, why not visit our shop? No-one will sidle up to you and ask: Can I help you? You can, as we say, window shop for as long as you like and then decide to buy one of our products.

This is the commercial arm of the enterprise, We are open all our hours and there’s no piped music to distract you – just some interesting and useful publications for you to choose from. Come on in and pay us a visit