Do you like COMIC? What kind of comic do you like best?

Many students like comic ,me too! What about the comic in the USA . Are there any interesting comic characters? Which is your favourite one?

P.S. My favourite comic character is Inuyasha!

Xu Yin Sama,
I’m trying to send the first letter.So I sent it to you.Don’t
worry.Other people will send messages to you.Si bi ma se!

p.s:Inuyasha is very cool! :oops:

Thank you very much! I will love Inuyasha forever!!1 :smiley:

Doesn’t everyone like comic,but I like it very much.I like “V”.

I love cats so one of my favourites comics is garfield. oh. and i loved “hello michael” it’s also about cat :wink:
comic “jeremy” was also very interesting, and i laughed a lot when i read it. it’s about teenage boy.

My favourite one is :Tytus, Romek i atomek"
It`s a polish one…and not everyone her eon this forum will know it… :lol: