Do you have toefl prep e-books?

I will be happy if anyone send me at

TOEFL listening lectures: Which aspect of bee behavior does the professor mainly discuss?

Oh! That`s the same thing I wanted to ask you guys!!!

If anyone has an e-book on TOEFL I would be grateful if you send it to me!
I have a lot of other useful English e - books (grammar, vocab etc) - we could exchange for example!

P.S. Perhaps it would be easier to send the books as files using Skype - if yes - here`s my nick Cockney1980!

Bye, take care all!

Hi guys
I do not know you guys need e-textbooks or materials to take the toefl test
This is the website you can review the real test exam in past 5 years
good luck

HI Micheal,

Thank you very much for the link. It contains many useful materials. However, i cant open most of the zip file because it is password encrypted.