Do you have the sixth sense?

[color=blue]sixth Sense :idea:

The most of people are feeling in it, and nobody can explain it.

I think it a gift from Allah to us.

most us… they see some scenes in their daily life, and they think!!! they were see it before, but when they didn’t know :!: .

do you have any scientific explaining about that?.. I have :wink:

let us share in our knowledge…


A sixth sense, a sense of d?j? vu, paramnesia or whatever you want to call it, I have no explanation for this strange, but rather pleasant phenomenon, which I’ve only rarely experienced myself.

Eagerly waiting to hear your theory on this!

I’ve definatly felt deja vu quite a number of times - the feeling that I’ve already been in a situation under those particular circumstances. I’m not too sure if I believe in a sixth sense or psychic awareness. It goes into the entire debate on religion and what’s beyond our preception, and there’s just too many sides it’s really hard to choose one.


If I’m not mistaken, ‘six sense’ is mainly and commonly used for intuition, isn’t it?
The ability to ‘know’ the future without thinking. Just by feeling.

I think, the fact that world languages have words (or terms) for it (and people clearly understand what it means) is a good (non-scientific :)) proof for its existence. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the most attractive and significant men in my life were/are ‘intuits’ (sorry, I don’t know how to call the person with strong intution)
who also had/have the highly developed logical thinking :slight_smile:

(Don’t forget, that good intuition is also based on great experience in life :))

D?j? vu is often triggered by some sense one is not paying attention to. Very often it’s the sense of smell. A few times I’ve gotten a sense that I’d experienced something before and that it had happened to me in Eastern Europe. When paying attention to my surroundings, I realized this feeling was caused by a combination of the smells of diesel exhaust and someone frying sausages. Other times it’s caused by the smell of cigarette smoke, which I smelled a lot in Europe but rarely encounter in the US.

In other cases, I realized that the d?j? vu was caused by the fact that I really had lived through some situation that was superficially different, but fundamentally the same. Perhaps the people and location were different, but a sequence of actions, or even a sequence of phrases someone spoke, was the same.

I think intuition is a llittle different because all clever people have intuition.I can say:“The guess of clever person always becomes true”, for intuition ocorrus when we think about something,when we want to find something.Sixth sense tell us something when we didn’t think about that matter or person,it occurs suddenly.For example, one day when I were not thinking about somebody,suddenly I remembered my old friend and began to think where he was now,how he was? Then after some days I saw my that old friend onteh way home,and saw his arm was broken(he has fallen).Another example, sometimes I suddenly remember films that I’ve already seen,then when I turn on TV I see that filim on TV.Can you all imagine what I feel in such situation?I don’t know how to explain this and how it happens?I know one thing that some feelings really misterious and don’t have any explanation.

Medeya’s experiences are similar to some that I’ve had. Sometimes I’ve been able to locate people in very improbable places at the exact moment they were there. I just suddenly got a picture in my mind that they would be there, and they were. Sometimes they were supposed to be hundreds of miles away, but they weren’t, and I found them. Other times I’ve known when family members have had accidents. I could actually “see” the accidents in my mind. I’ve also gotten the idea that someone I hadn’t seen in quite a while needed help, and I walked in just as they were picking up the phone to call me.

Many people have such things happen to them, but it’s impossible for us to know why these happen or what they’re for.

Oh, yes… sometimes such things (the clearness of the picture and the strength of that inexplicable feeling) are even fearful.
Especially when you do really nothing for that, no any special meditations :slight_smile: and there are several thousand miles between you and the person with whom you happen to have that strange contact…

Hi there,
I red in the past that when a person go to sleep, he will see in his sleep dreems, :smiley: these dreems will extend for about 5 or 6 seconds if its too long. :smiley: each dreem can comes in one stage, each stage period have the time of 20 minutes till 1 hour of your sleeping time. The most people who can dreem are childern less than 5 years old, they can dreem each 20-35 minutes in average. the dreem is like a zip file that contain a lot of information in short size (5 or 6 seconds). and you can’t remember each dreem you see when you wake up in the morning. :smiley: you will be lucky if you remember 1 dreem. :smiley:

Let us back to our subject (Intuition or the Six Sense). what happend is you face a situation that you feel that you was in it before. the fact is you witnessed the situation in your dreems before but at that time you did not remember or recognize it. and when this situation arise you felt that you was there before. each person have this thing with but not all people can recognize it.

I must say that this thing is a theoretical matter (Intuition or the Six Sense) it can not be measured in a definite way and it’s results can’t be 100% true.

for me i can’t say it’s true or false. it happend to me. it has no critiria to say i witnessed it in my dreem or even a logic.