Do you go with the flow or stick to your guns

I thought I might try and defend/explain myself here regarding a thread which was moved from this section, (which is the only section I generally post on the forum.)

I stuck to my guns simply because I felt I was being badgered etc. I also felt very strongly that I was right while being dismissed by a non native speaker.
I also consulted with an English teacher I know here in Bangor and was reassured that the phrase ”like for Example” was perfectly legitimate.
I had pm-d Bees about it but she just went straight onto the thread against me. Alan one of the co-founders of the site also posted that he thought the phrase was legitimate but he was also badgered.

Then it seemed to me that just because I wouldn’t roll over - I was portrayed as unreasonable or a troublemaker…. Eventually Claudia and Bee’s both disappear stage right to meet in the ladies rest room in mutual indignation. I am then cast as the monster from the swamp.

So what’s the answer? Do you just pretend the King is not naked and go with the flow for the sake of an audience who mostly just thinks its like mummy and daddy fighting again?

Or do you stick to your guns?

you really can’t let sleeping dogs lie, can you?

I wasn’t going to keep this up, but in the universe you’re living in, I’d be just sulking in the ladies rest room then. I’ll be damned if I do and I’ll be damned if I don’t. I prefer to be damn because I do. This will be my one and only post in this thread.

There is no excuse for your kind of behavior.


You go about the threads, bully people for their statements and opinions and call it “banter” when somebody protests.

This is what it has been like for me:

English History in 20 seconds thread: “Oh Yeah! The English as victims…? Well suppose thats about as absurd as it gets :slight_smile: Sorry Claudia its Jamie here…:-(” Then ranting on about the Irish Holocaust of the 19th century.

Windows 7 thread: “Claudia You have been down in that killer fog for to long now. Its time to fill your boots! Just walk towards the light! :-)”

How to say “Hello” with strangers on the internet? thread: You are telling a young woman from Asia to say “Attention/Achtung - might be a better idea. Especially if there is any Germans(Fritz’s) about :-).”


Then, when a non-native speaker doesn’t get your joke, you cry out for native speakers!!! You want to be among your own kind? Leave your house and go outside!

You jumped down OTS’s throat for posting a video that is three years old, yet you post a poll about how German men are bad and smelly lovers that is, now get this: from 2007!!!


Not only that, you couldn’t let the thread rest. No, you had to copy the comments of THAT forum into THIS one!


I’ve tried to stay calm and factual: You told me I am clearly too serious. That I don’t understand your jokes. Actually, Jamie, I do understand your jokes. I just don’t like them. BIG difference.

I went the “getting prickly” route: You don’t shrug it off and continue on a different note. No, you keep pushing it and try to humiliate me by posting a pic of The Crow, ZZZZZZzzzzzzs, coughing and clearing your throat. Calling everything that goes over your head “Semantics”, etc.

I try to tell you what I feel: You tell me what a big whiner I am.

I am friendly: You call it “Mother Teresa act”.

I poke the same kind of fun back at you: Oh, wow, you can’t handle that at all!

To you, a discussion is not an exchange of knowledge and opinions, it is a competition. You snap at forum members and they don’t make a stand against you because either their English isn’t advanced enough, they don’t want to get into it with you, or they are afraid to get shunned if they do. Most of them just leave without saying a word.

Dismissed by a non-native speaker? I’m sorry, but Jamie, you can’t even tell the difference between “where” and “were”! You think because you are a native speaker, you have the Doctor title in English? Are you aware of how insulting this is to non-native speakers, which make up about 95% of this forum?

You were never portrayed as a troublemaker. You yourself acted like one. You think I’m a spider weaving a web. You think I’m pulling off some big scheme against you. Do you know how that sounds?

You need to grow up.


Wow , someone is angry looks at Claudia with a questioning face. Hey Claudia calm down. Chill.

The more you get annoyed, the more Lurker annoys you. L=Lurker, A=Annoying, Newton’s theory! Not my idea at all.
ok I m not making any sense.

By the way that story was actually in a Disney movie. About a lion who is a king, and he doesn’t wear clothes one fine day. Obviously lions never wear clothes, except in cartoons but that day his tailor made a really short dress for him. When he walked through the crowds, people (other animals) whispered, but no one dared to say anything to him, because they were afraid, except for youngest bunny rabbit, who pointed out loud and clear that Lion’s robe is short.
Thats pretty much it.

Claudia - For heaven sake calm down.
I feel obliged to say you take far too long to say things (clear sign of lack of diction.)

  • maybe this is just when you’re angry? But would it not be much easier to just say “Jamie I don’t like you”? It would certainly save you all that writing?

Oh and I’m a bully now as well as a racist?

Here’s a little quote from Torsten

You later of course said you hadn’t called me a racist (What would Torsten know anyway) So please forgive me if I take your insults with a pinch of salt.

I also explained to you by private message a while ago that Michael and I were trading banter insults as you didn’t seem to understand which you said was fine - yet you are now using this “banter” to mock me?

What all this has to do with “Like for example” is beyond me - but I also remind you that it was you that started the Ad Hominem attack’s not me. and can I also assure you I have a thick skin.

Hi Katty,

I didn’t get angry, I simply spoke my mind. :slight_smile:

Besides, he started it! :stuck_out_tongue: (jokingly)

The question is, who is the lion, and who is the bunny?


Don’t dig up old threads from a year ago. Stay in the here and now. You have nothing better to say?


I want this to STOP. This whole thing is just being carried on and on and on. I don’t want the forum to be all hearts and teddy bears. But I want to be treated with respect and not in a condescending manner. Over and out.

I don’t see the point in moving it. You just seem determined to spread the argument across the forums.

Correction: I went onto the thread and said what I thought. I believed that this is what you wanted me to do. Why else would you PM me a quote from the thread and no other details? (PM sent: Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:13 am)

He was badgered? Really? By whom?

Oh, dear - signs of a persecution complex, possibly?

This is also my last comment in this thread. The only reason I made one was this remark:
‘she just went straight onto the thread against me’
When you ask someone for their opinion, the problem is you often get it!

Is this a promise?


Claudia said she wanted this to end which as far as I am concerned is/was happy day’s .
I was respecting her wishes by not posting but now unfortunately because Bees has had a pop - I would just like to just state a simple fact,

I sent private messages to 5 people at the beginning of the “redundant” thread. – All saying the same thing - But out of them all Bees was the only one that never returned a PM and the only one that posted on the thread.

Now if Bees is going to keep her word I would suggest perhaps Alan locking the thread if that’s ok with everyone including Claudia

I hang my head in shame for my part in this farce.

Humblest apologies

I moved the original thread named ‘like for example’ to the Grammar and Vocabulary Section because that’s where I think it belongs.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Synchronised swimming[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Kati

I think the Disney film refers actually to a story called "The Emperor’s new clothes”. It is a fairy tale, written by a danish author called Hans Christian Andersen. But the original story dates back to the year 1335 (I found that on Wikipedia) and could be reread in a book with the title “El Conde Lucanor“ by Don Juan Manuel, a spanish writer, if you can master the Spanish of that time…
I knew the story but not were it originally came from.

The story goes like this:
Two Swindler promised an Emperor to make him clothes of a very special kind, but only in case he was prepared to give them a huge pile of gold. The two men claimed that they would weave the dresses out of such exquisit and fine and therefore expensive material, so that people could only see them if they were enough dignified, and, by any means, not stupid.
This impressed the Emperor very much and he gave them money upfront and let them start their work.
When the Swindler put the new clothes on, the Emperor himself wouldn’t dare to admit that he couldn’t make them out at all. So did the people when he showed them his new dresses. But in the end, one small child called out “The Emperor doesn’t wear any clothes!” and brought down the house and the swindler as well.

So, in the Disney film, the Lion is the Emperor and the child is the bunny. And on our Forum, the Lion is…
No, enough is enough I think.
Please go back to normal life, ok?

P.s: All of you are kindly invited to correct my mistakes, because I’m the one here who is not really good at English, so please shoot away!

Hello Torsten,

You asked me to write publicly.
My progress report would be again my problem. My progress fell back from 47 to 52. Why?
Because I didn’t feel like doing it whereas it was my best entertainment. But at every occasion I meet with obstacles.

I think there isn’t an other person on the english-test who did so much tests without result. I lost at least altogether about 300 points and number of my letters was falling down several times. My progress % dropped 25% once occasion- without reason- and it had stayed:70,25%; for a half year couldn’t move. Today it happened the miracle it moved to 72,62 but it commanded a high price I lost 40 letters

You promised me firstly to wait one week or 10 days, in the second letter you wrote me to wait few months and in the last letter you wrote me I have to wait
till the end of the year for repairing my progress report.

Now that I noticed that I go back and back and soon I loose all my result so I tried to do some tests. And what happened?
At the first test: 17,523 progress:70,25 letters:1288
the second " : 17,533 " :72,62 " : 1248

Though I didn’t write any letter to-day but I lost -40 letters. These losses never will be corrected till now I had written to you my losses but anything happened. I know this is an algorithm mistake. I know there are more than 40,000 students. And every day new students come.

My request would be: Could I receive an other place where the progress report works well?

Every day new students come and they receive a new good progress report and I think the capacity your computer can make me possible that I receive a good progress report. After 7 month anguish - it is incredible that I have to tolerate this unbearable situation.

I hope I could describe this insupportable situation.

Many thanks in advance:
Kati Svaby[/u]

hm… sometimes the child also might be a wolf in a rabbit-coat. In other comics rabbits are pretty smart. So one better is cautious when meeting rabbits. They might gulp you in one bite only.

I bet you have some fun in the pub Jim. LOL.

One can definitely say, “Like for example,” or more usually, “Say for example.”

Both phrases usually come in the centre of a longer sentence.

I really don’t understand why others have disagreed with you. (That’s a fiver you owe me.)


I thought this would stop? But since it won’t . . .

Kitos, I never said that “like for example” can’t be said or used. If I have, please show me.


Hello Claudia. You are taking this far too personally. I was referring to those people who were disagreeing with Jim. I never referred to you directly.

Time-out for a while guys … this is supposed to be a fun-place, not a battle-ground.


The only people who were disagreeing with Jim in the “redundancy-thread” were Beeesneees and I, that’s why I responded. :slight_smile:

I agree. That’s why I asked for this to stop.


Hello Kitos
I’m so glad to see you!!!

Ah hello Bill. Greetings from 50 km northern of Essen too.

BTW, Jim asked me to negotiate with you about your wage. I mean, he´d rather spend you a pint than bribe you with money. Is that okay for you?


Hehe, and I wanted to make sure that Bill actually works for the money . . . or pint. :wink:


Hi Claudia

There was talk about fivers / pints / awing oneanother a beer, money, wages recently…
Now, this makes me a bit confused and I would like to ask you, since you referred to it, if you might have a better insight in this matter. It is quite widespred not to talk about salarys eye to eye with a person but rather whispering about it with the others because very seldom wages are revealed…

So theese are my questions. Please note, that they are not meant to be taken utterly serious, but as a sort of joke.
In any case I wouldn’t like to seem offensive to anyone.
But on the other hand, there might be a tiny bit of reason and truth in them and I’m a bit concerned about it:

So lets start:
Is a pint the new currency here on the forum?
This would be a bit difficult to handle for members like me who live apart. I would have to travel quite a distance to get to the pub where Bill likes to have his pint… It is not that I wouldn’t fancy to meet him in person after so many posts forewarded and backwarded, reading his fabolous storys, and go and spend him some beers!

Or is a pint the minimum that you really should have placed in front of you before negotiating your wages as an admin, so that you can reach for it and take a big gulp after hearing the first offer?

I take it that working for the forum as an admin is not a job that makes you rolling in money, but is rather someting like a vocation, which you can do if you are prepared to work for good and a better world, am I right?

And if I am, then there is even more reason to thank our admins to spend countless hours replying to us all. What do you think?