Do you go pregnant...?


Sometimes when you talk with a person who intents to show a higher education they use sayings which sound rather stupid ( at least to me).

So, this morning I head a call on the phone with a victualer who claimed to go pregnant with an idea :lol: :lol: , means he was about to do. I hardly could avoid to burst into laughter immediately.

Do you know similar sayings you hardly can avoid cracking up?



Hi Michael,

Yes I know the expression and you are right, it does sound pretty funny especially if it’s used by a pregnant woman which I doubt would happen often. Right now I can’t think of any other German sayings that sound awkward or strange although there are quite a few of them. As soon as I come up with one I’ll post it here.

PS: I think the word ‘victualer’ is very rarely used. I would say ‘food distributor’ instead.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

I think I pulled my own legs using ´victualer´. Particularly considerring my initial post. :lol: I should have written supplier/vendor instead since I wasn´t talking about a grocer or butcher but about a provider for job order production. The word ´Victualie´ means in Germany “food”, too, and is also rarely used as in “Munich Victualien Market”. I wouldn´t mind if you burst out laughing when you read this. :wink:

Looking forward to your and every other funny saying


Hi Michael

So, do you think going pregnant is a little like becoming a hamburger (e.g. at McDonald’s)? :lol:

By the way, I once had a student in Germany who mentioned his stool went. I remember that I was just about to ask him where his stool had gone when it dawned on me that he was referring to a bowel movement. 8)

“Victuals” also means food in English, and the slang word that comes from that is “vittles”. It also means food.

That was great! I had never heard of that idiom before. Well, here’s a thought which was thought by a great thinker Mr. Voltaire:


Hi Gopal,

The idiom Michael was referring to doesn’t exist in English. It is a direct translation of a German phrase…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

How are you doing? Well, owing to so much work pressure I am not able to be here as often I want to. But I will keep posting useful topics for those who are curious to learn English.