Do you give any certificate after finishing the course?

Dear Dr. Torsten Daerr

Hi. Do you give any certificate after finishing the course?


R. Rasoulpour

Dear R. Rasoulpour,

Many thanks for joining our forum. Yes, if you like you can get a certificate after you complete the course successfully.

Best regards,
Torsten Daerr[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Dr Torsten Daerr

Hi. Is the certificate offered elecronically orvia post? And moreover, please get some information about the course, tests and the time required for finishing.


R. Rasoulpour

Dear R. Rasoulpour,

Since this is an Internet based English course, you will receive your certificate via Internet too. It will be a PDF document that you can print off any time. You will find all information regarding the requirements and tests in the emails you receive when you subscribe.


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This is Attaullah from Pakistan. i m thankfull to u sir, that i learnt too many things about english from ur thing i want to know, that can i get a certificate for this course, but how?plz do reply me


Dear Attaullah,

Many thanks for your question. You can get the certificate if you meet certain requirements one of which is improving your writing skills.

Best regards,

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I thanful you very much. I read all conversations between you and your student . However , I did not understand how I can take it when I want ? any where I like your certificate . I can say now I am ready to take it .
Mant thanks

I am asking Mr Torsten
How I cannot see my piture like I see another person like you and Mr Aln ect…

If you want to see your picture or graphic image in your posts you need to go to your profile and upload one from your computer, another website (you have to know the URL), or you may select some image from gallery. I hope this help. :wink:
I sign-up to this forum only couple of days ago and I uploaded my picture from my PC.
Regards, Nozby