Do you enjoy change in life or stay the same?

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It should be admitted that people’s ways of living are very different from each other. Throughout history, choosing the best method in living has been a matter of debate among psychologists. However, they all reach the conclusion that each person should plan for his/her own life based on his/her potentials, abilities and weaknesses. While some people enjoy change, and examine new experiences, others like their lives to stay the same. From my point of view, while I would not underestimate some advantages of living the same, it is far more sensible to experience new things in living. My reasons and examples listed below will strengthen my opinion.
In the first place, it is better to be mentioned that people live in the world only once, so it is better for them to taste diverse things in their lives. Using this way of living, people are far less frustrated in their living, and they are not fed up in the course of time. As an example, I am a kind of a person who enjoys having risky life. As a result, life never has gotten routine for me. Moreover, I have tried to attend different clubs, classes, etc. Not only I have enjoyed every single second of my time, but I also have become familiar with different people, and interact with them in a social contexts. Broadly speaking, they have been experiences of a great value for me.
Furthermore, it should be considered that no one can ever learn new things without experiencing them. No matter how hard new situations are for people, they will get used to them in the course of time. Therefore, they will become their usual habits. To put the discussion in a wider context, I want to talk about one of my projects in my university. Most of my friends, if not all, told me that I could not handle it, and they consulted me to change it. Nevertheless, I tried tremendously, and finally, I got conclusive result. Indeed, if I had not looked forward to new experiences, I would have never had the possibility to gain very deep insight in to my field of study.
To sum up, based on the above discussion, changing is an indisputable part of human lives, and the benefits of having new experiences outweigh the advantages of doing usual habits. Needless to say, people do not get tired of living, and they will learn new things which they will help them live more convenient.

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